Not all bloggers write about all industries as their blogs are focused on their interests. If you reach out as a sponsor at an event you might see only a small portion of the attendees making the appointment or writing about your service/product.


One blogger writes an article on their blog about the goodies they received during an event – and 10 people read it, 5 retweet it and 1 share the article on Facebook.

Another blogger makes and appointment to try your treatment/service or test the product and does a full review on their blog.

How else can you reach out to bloggers?

You do not have to sponsor an event, you can cherry pick bloggers and approach them with eiher a press drop or request to give you exposure for a set fee.

Geek Media can assist you in identifying and approaching bloggers.

Why invest in bloggers?

Bloggers are influencers that reach a community that trust and rely on their opinion to make decisions, discover new brands and learn from.

When you approach targeted bloggers that write about the industry that you are in, it creates a symbiotic relationship where the blogger gets remunerated to write, endorse or create PR for your company, product or service.

At Geek Media we offer a variety of packaged service bundles to manage your digital presence. A starter Geek Media package offers 2 hours of social media management to create content, manage posts and responses.

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